About Wes Watson


In the Penitentiary I learned how to suffer…
A decade long stretch in the hardest California prisons taught me how to take extreme pride in my ability to endure what others couldn’t. I will always attribute any success I gain in life to this mindset.

You must push yourself harder & harder. Sacrifice more & more to discover yourself and what you’re capable of. That’s what Watson Fit is all about. It’s for people who want more out of life and want to push themselves to become a better..no..THE BEST version of themselves.

I made this website to be a leading resource for people that want to do just that!! You’ll find everything you need to level up in all areas on your path to life mastery and self-realization.

All too often nowadays I hear & see people trying to achieve this feeling I speak of…this extreme mental fortitude… this level of discipline & strength that is life changing!!! They try to achieve this state by simply reading shit that talks about it… Motherfucker you have to go through it!!! I challenge you to do all the hardest shit for “YOU” everyday for a month!!!

  • Get up at uncomfortably early hour
  • Restrict yourself from comfortable portions/types of food
  • And go the hardest you ever have everyday in your workouts
  • But most importantly challenge yourself to stop any Negative self talk before it even develops.

These steps will permanently change the landscape of your mind, from pleasure-based decision making provoked by feelings, to purpose-based consistent choices which stem from one’s deep commitment to life goals. Stop reading & reciting and start doing!!! Let’s motherfuckin’ grow!!

I was beat up, beat down, lost and left to find my way…

The Reality though: I was the one who beat myself up.

I was the reason I got beat down and I was the Motherfucker who picked myself back up!!! Did I do it for me??? FUCK NO!!!

Everything I am and everything I’ve become was done in darkness.

It was all done in the name of my future family, which – for what seemed like an eternity – was just a dream far away in the distance.

I live for them!
In Reality, I Always have. They just never knew I was coming.

Create the Man YOU’RE proud of in every way!!!


The Ultimate measure isn’t where we stand in moments of Comfort & Ease, but how we Excel in times of Hardship & Struggle

Don’t you see… By simply wanting quick results you’re taking away your power. Your True Power lies in your level of commitment.

Committed to Me, My people, My Goals, and helping YOU. It never changes!!!
The pursuit is simple: Principle Progression coupled with Conscience Congruent living.
Lifelong commitment automatically triggers our brain to say: “Throughout this journey there will be peaks, there will be valleys, it’s gonna get uncomfortable AF, and I DONT give a FUCK it will all be worth it!!!”

Don’t you see… By simply wanting quick results you’re taking away your power. Your True Power lies in your level of commitment.

You guys, I can’t fucking stress this enough: You don’t need the perfect plan! THERE ISN’T ONE!!!
You just need to FUCKING put your heart into your Growth Process every day. After 10 years of having your head down and unbiasedly following your conscience you will look around and be like DAMN!
I’ve become what I once simply wanted to appear as.
The moment the struggle has become your pleasure, & you exist in Congruence with your Conscience, You CANNOT be stopped!
To the Real Ones Being & Becoming means more than Acquiring & Possessing.
The Beauty is Only “OUR” Conscience knows the definition of that!

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